Epsilon Geronimakis Estate

Olive oil is the real treasure for human health... From the Greek initials of the words olive oil (eleolado) and olive tree (elia), the modest and humble but still magnificent tree, having been benefiting human health for centuries, epsilon was born...


Epsilon Geromimakis Estate is produced in our organic olive groves in the village of Vori Heraklion Crete, near the ancient city of Phaistos, naturally cultivated with alternative farming methods without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other substances harmful for health.
The harvesting of the olives needed for the production of Epsilon Geromimakis Estate has been done by hand in the traditional way. The extraction has been done at ambient temperatures in order for the olive oil to retain all the nutrients and flavour of the olives and has not undergone any treatment, while it is bottled unfiltered. The cultivation, production and packaging are made with ultimate care of us.
Our main purpose is to produce the highest possible quality which is certified by our signature. It can be distinguished for its deep golden green colour, intense aroma of olive and rich fruity flavour. Ideally used raw in salads and appetizers.
We invite you to taste our olive oil which is rich in iron, natural antioxidants and vitamins that enhance internal health and external appearance.It is a special olive oil of limited production as it requires relatively higher costs and definitely even more thought, action, effort and time. By all means, all these are worth our while, not to mention our humble and friendly attitude towards nature and the environment, our self-esteem and respect of known and unknown people around us, whether or not they consume olive oil, in general for the sake of the quality of our lives and our health.